"Why did you weld that damn door earlier!?"

Unweld it, NOW!


original http://www.cubeupload.com/files/f07a00orig.jpg

looks good brah
just that muzzle flash

Dat’s what 'dey look like in killin flawa

they do?
well shit okay i’ve only tried the free weekend one so i don’t know much about that

Still looks kinda bad.


Didn’t know Louis was British.

He’s not :argh:

“Pills my good man”

Well that joke was just not original.

Awesome models and use of inflater. Editing is okay too. When I read the title, I expected something much more hectic and frightening… and more interesting than some off-screen shooting.

“Dosh,doars opened!”

“Grab them pills so we can trade them in for DOSH, and grab while it’s hot”

I love the lighting

louis looks kick ass

expect more of this

Need sparks!


Oh, and it’s awesome. :smiley:

I tried that and it looked like a swarm of glowing flies D’:


I don’t think Louis’ head fits very well.




awesome work, but muzzle looks like shit