Why do developers pay for ScriptEnforcer?

They have a discord for questions like this. Close please


he’s legitimately asking because he’s curious, not some attempt to inform the masses

That’s exactly what he wanted to do, that’s why he posted on public forums.
He could easilly get info from people who use it and it’s less than easy finding people who do.

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There’s also a discord server and steam group for him to ask around.

We have systems in place that prevent you from doing exactly that.
It’s not plain text, it’s cloud-hosted code which is managed by the developer of the script at ScriptEnforcer.

Here you go.

good golly, how dare he ask a question intended for gmod server operators on gmod’s official forum?

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clearly he’s just a no-gooder out to destroy your business; get the pitchforks!

Implying I’m using ScriptEnforcer or are in any way affiliated with it.
Good try tho.

in that case, i’ve got no idea why you’re being so defensive on scriptenforcer’s behalf

Am I? I didn’t say a single thing about it in this thread.

Keep trying.

He’s not, people are just fed up of the repetitive drama’s regarding DRM lately.

Why don’t you just make a DRM Drama megathread?

OP, here’s your real answer: because customers buying addons typically don’t know how to write a line of code and just want something that works, and there isn’t a big pirating website just for gmod downloads, it prevents Typical Customer A from sharing his purchased addon with his friend Typical Customer B.

Leakforums has a whole subforum in free stuff for Gmod leaks

Why do developers pay for ScriptEnforcer?
Cause they’re paranoid and not experienced enough to write their own DRM.

Is ScriptEnforcer effective?
Efective against people that knows nothing about coding. Anyone with some experience of Lua can easily extract “cloud” code and make offline version of script.