Why do GMOD players dislike Enjin sites?

So I am starting up a GMOD server and I decided I am going to recycle my enjin site that I used to use for my old Minecraft server, but I noticed there’s a lot of hate towards enjin within the GMOD community. Why is that?

Enjin was specifically made for gaming communities and it has all the necessary tools to make one too. I personally find it great and very user friendly.

So can someone tell me why there is so much hate around it? Please don’t say “because it’s trash” or any other stupid comments please. I actually want a genuine answer as to why people dislike it so much in the GMOD community.

It just looks nicer and more professional when you rock your own forum.

I think it might also be experience because a lot of forums powered by enjin are hideous and have poor quality posting. But that’s just me assuming that others have a similar anecdotal experience as I have.

If you really want to you can just go ahead and use it though and tell those people that it just works and you don’t see a pressing need to move onto something else.

In my opinion they look disgusting. The themes & layout is ugly as shiiit.
Also it’s overused, like every small community has it & gets really repetitive.
Your server will look more professional with a MyBB Forums or whatever that you can customise way much much.

Yep, I’d also throw in SMF for one that’s pretty customizeable with nice plugins. However, both are sort of dinosaurs. There is discourse and vanilla nowadays for hip new forums, but there aren’t quite as many plugins.

Understandable, I actually got my site custom coded though. Do you guys think this looks okay? http://phenomenalnation.net/

Enjin is ideal for minecraft servers.

Garry’s Mod, incase you didn’t notice, IS NOT MINECRAFT

Also their layout and business model makes me puke

Just because Enjin is mainly used by Minecraft servers does not mean it’s only intended for Minecraft servers. It was just advertised more in that area and has more support for Minecraft servers. However, I did get my site custom coded though. Would you like to give your opinion on it and tell me if it still makes you puke? http://phenomenalnation.net/

This isn’t limited to engine but sites for gaming communities or clans that use free domains instead of plain old name.com always look really tacky and unprofessional which is probably where most of it comes from

I went ahead and make a quick Enjin website and to be fair, it looks pretty good for a beginner wanting something instant but also incredibly generic at the same time

It just gives off a ‘babbies first forum with ten registered users and no active topics’ vibe

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What you’ve done though actually looks pretty good

I appreciate the feedback :slight_smile: I currently want to use Xenforo, but for now, I am sticking with this. I’m glad to know that at least someone thinks it looks good.


It’s perfect. I really love how the white blends with the white to create a whole new level of white. Tell me, how did you manage to sync that white section with that other white section?

Honestly, you’re much better off creating a subreddit for your community than an enjin site.

A member of a community I used to code for tried that one. Apart from his own post and my own telling him it’s a bad idea, nothing came of it.

Not really. There is no way to meaningfully organize content on reddit.

enjin is shit/not liked because:

  • they control you a lot in what you can/cannot do
  • their design’s look shit
  • their servers are pretty shit

you’re best of getting a £2.50/M VPS and putting LAMP server with MyBB on it tbh, it’s actually cheaper than their plans and you can do so much more and have the ultimate control.

Personally, my community uses an enjin site, which has now surpassed 125,715 unique hits, (and no complaints in over a year) find it actually really handy.

A lot of people in this thread moan about the themes, and yes, I admit the pre built ones like awful, but I think people are forgetting the extensive modifications you can do to it to complete transform it.

For example (to avoid advertise a GMod server the 2nd example example is from a ARMA Community)

You have this god awful default site

But it can be transformed to something like this

Not only that, I don’t have to worry about buying the cheapest hosting service out there with awful performance and a lack of DDoS protection so I can rely in almost 100% up time. And its got some handy other features as well, were something like MyBB is nothing compared to.

I think you can compare Enjin to DarkRP when it comes to it’s image.
Then again you can create/buy addons for DarkRP…

Looks kind of terrible on mobile. I’d keep that in mind too, you’ll get a noticeable chunk of traffic from mobile users. No idea what you can do to fix that though, maybe it allows for separate themes for mobile like vanilla forums do? or has a plugin like mybb.

edit: oh wait, that is mybb. Derp. The forum looks pretty good. Just look into making it nice for mobile users and then you’re golden I think.

activate windows :v:

I’m just curious, why xenforo? It looks to me like something good for businesses or big communities (due to the support) but otherwise it just looks pretty basic. At least when you pay for vbulletin, you get to keep it updated on one domain forever (I think)