Why do I need to log in to gmod.org just to download?

Why, Just Why. I don’t know whats happening, but once again, I am unable to log into my second account. I only use a couple of passwords, so I don’t see why it won’t let me in. Then I started thinking, Garrysmod.org is starting to suck bad… But as I was saying, whats the main reason of having to “register or log-in?”

P.S. If there is a way to retrieve my pass… I would like to know please.



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  1. You are auto-subscribed to your own threads.
  2. If you can’t remember, then just make another account. Then just verify it.

It’s really too bad there’s no “Lost Password” option in there.

What stopped you from making a new account?
Seems kind of obvious, doesn’t it?
10 bucks on you having pirated gmod and not being able to verify your account.
10 bucks on you having legit gmod and not using common sense.