Why do maps take so long to load?

Hello everyone! After having trouble with my registration, i’m glad to finally be able to post here at Facepunch.

After buying the CS:S and GMod pack from Steam a few days ago, I noticed that it took a really long time to load maps. I used to have a pirated version of gmod, it was very update to date (the last update’s changelog was fixed OSX/Linux addons), but its maps loaded really fast. Now, I am so happy to own a legit Garry’s Mod. But I think its weird that maps loaded at least 3 times faster in the pirated version. Usually it is the other way around. I tested to see how long it takes for gm_flatgrass to load. It took 3 minutes 43 seconds!

I’m pretty sure that it isn’t my computer, because I get about 40 fps in the CS:S video test. My computer hardware is this: http://reviews.cnet.com/desktops/gateway-dx4300-05/1707-3118_7-33743840.html , and it is running Windows 7 64bit with a 1600x900 pixel monitor. It isn’t running Vista.

Thanks for your help.

With the pirated GMod you probably didn’t have other games like CSS loaded.

What do you mean? I installed all of the content packs for HL:2 EP1, 2, and even CS:S on the pirated version. Do you have to wait 4 mins to load flatgrass?


Can I have a link to your steam profile, please?

Have you installed any addons?


Oops! Ok, now the link under my name should work. Sorry 'bout that.


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is probably taking a longer loading because the pirate version is non-steam

What does Steam have to do with it? And I wouldn’t think that gm_flatgrass would take that long to load, considering it is a grass texture and a block.

How long does it take for you?

OP: what are your FULL specs…

also, clean out addons-- they slow the load way down

Wow, thanks for the suggestion. I renamed my old garrysmod folder, and now gm_flatgrass loads in 9 seconds. I think i’m going to take out only the one I need. But thanks! And is there anyway to make it load faster WITH all of those addons?

nope. just only get the addons you really need(like phx and wire) and you really want. dump the rest.

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What are you experiencing?

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You lot need to stop jumping on the pirate bandwagon, you don’t have to ask EVERY SINGLE PERSON who needs help for their Steam Community profile.

well then you explain to me why we would ask one random person for it. but the other random person would just be helped without having any problem. while both could have gmod pirated. seems a bit unfair doesn’t it?