Why do my dupes take the blue pill?

Ok so when I try to spawn a dupe of a multi-stage rocket I built all but 1 of my wired numpad buttons work. At first none of them worked when I was actually using my numpad as triggers, but since I switched over to the wasd keys the one of them is working. The entities I am using are the Gbomb missiles (trilium and anti-matter propellant) and a M80 fire cracker from the G-Works addon that I’m using as a decoupler. The firecracker is the only that works. Could it be that some addons do not function correctly under the Wiremod advanced wiring and if so, how can I bypass this?
Open to any suggestions and thanks!

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Might be one of those issues where the creator of the dupe has keys that yours doesn’t, or you don’t have the ones that they had. Or it could be an issue with a piece of code that didn’t get uploaded to the cloud appropriately. It might be best trying to redo it yourself.

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Thanks for the reply but it is my own dupe. Basically I have to rewire it everytime I spawn it