Why do my func_doors, func_breakables and func_buttons keep turning into brushes?

I make a door/button/breakable and put it at exactly the settings I want. I press apply, save the VMF, and compile. In Garry’s Mod, they don’t work, so I check them in Hammer. They’ve turned into brushes. I can’t undo this, and it takes a while to remake them. Why is this happening? How do I get it to stop?

EDIT: Just checked all of my triggers and things, they’re brushes too. WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING :derp:

This probably isn’t the problem, but try pressing Ctrl+W in hammer just to be sure.

Huh, I never knew that I could do that. Now I can see it in hammer, but it still doesn’t explain why they don’t work in Gmod.

I’ve had it too, don’t know why but restarting fixes it.

Ctrl+w toggles entities/groups, I use it a lot when I don’t want to disband a group/recreate an entity just to move one brush. It’s supposed to work when compiling, though. Try recompiling with entities/groups enabled.

OK, that worked. Thanks!

Or maybe ignore is on

Ignore Groups is on. Turn it off in the toolbar at the top of the screen (it is called IG).

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