Why do my maps keep doing this?

I’m a newb mapper, and everytime I make a map, it looks like this:

Any way to fix this?

Try running “buildcubemaps” in the console.

Cubemaps, I think.


I hate you :<


Not really I love you don’t burn me.

Go into the Entity selector, and find the Cubemaps entity, stick the ent on the wall and re-run the compile.

Ok, i’ll try. Thanks.


Didn’t work, I put cubemaps on the wall, “buildcubemaps” in console, and it’s still reflecting purple and black :frowning:

Restart l4d after you have built them.

From what I read, you put like a cubemap on each wall, you stick it into the middle of the room not like you just click it on the wall. Also put them about head height (Use info_player_start as a reference)

And if buildcubemaps don’t fix the problem, use mat_reloadallmaterials command after building the cubemaps.

This happens when you compile without HDR. Compile with HDR ticked and your map will look alright.

I disagree, he just needs cubemaps.

trust me, i have the same problem. cubemaps are not going to fix it.
it only happens with certain l4d brick textures.

This worked. Thanks.

Had the same problem as well, HDR tends to fix it.