Why do my ragdolls come out looking so floppy and strange?

I’m trying to make a ragdoll based off a video I made a while ago. No matter how hard I try, the head comes disconnected from the body and I can’t even pose it to look normal.

I’m an idiot when it comes to ragdolling and this was mainly a test, but I want to know what I did wrong.


(left: problematic one, right: how it should look (how I modeled it))


(physics model)

I’ll post a qc if necessary

also if this is the wrong board then sorry

Two things that come to mind for me:

  1. Is your head bone attached to the waist bone in your 3D program? Meaning if you move the waist does the head move with it?
  2. Do your have your $rootbone set to the waist bone in the QC?

looks like te top of the chest cylinderi s actually rigged to the neck and or head bone.