Why do people hack?

I looked for a thread on this… surprisingly I couldn’t easily find one. I want to ask the question why someone would hack? Most probably will just say, “because they’re gay and have no lives”, or “because people suck”…

But I genuinely don’t understand why someone would cheat on a game that has really no end game. You’re not going to “beat” the game because you’re hacking. “End game” could be considered getting Kevlar, and M4 and a metal base… all relatively easy to do in a few days… but then what? I typically will either leave and join a new server to try and do it again or try to do the same thing in a new spot… that’s what I like to do. I feel like I’m beating the game again.

What satisfaction do people get by using cheats? Is this game not easy enough as it is? Obviously sad…

Is it just to attempt to frustrate other people? It’s not that hard to get anything in the game… not sure who’s getting that mad over this.

Is it to ‘play God’ and laugh at those who actually play this game legit? I would think being that much of a loser would get old…

If someone could enlighten me… that would be awesome. Not trying to sniff the hackers out or anything… though I’ve never cheated on a game… I can see what doing it in something like Super Mario might help you beat the game… but you can’t beat this game. WTF?

For the same reason why Full kevlar M4 packing groups kill fresh naked’s on servers

Because they love to see people rage, they love to see posts like this on the forums.

I don’t think many people cheat just to “win”, they do it just to get a reaction, which is exactly what you’re giving them.

Because their friends do it. I’m sure alot of people simply follow their friends and they hack together.

It’s not much, and i think they’re having fun since they can get everything within a heartbeat.

There isn’t really an bad thing about it (for them) since they simply make a new account for Rust only.

It’s sad to cheat in a game like this, but yeah… We can’t do much then just accept it and move on.

Immaturity pretty much sums it up.

I’ve often wondered about this, too. The only thing I can come up with is ego. They cant “hack” it when someone legit beats them.

Because their daddies didn’t hug them enough and so now they take out their paternal rage on the internet.

Because of the same reason people kill naked people.
Because of the same reason people raid other people.

The satisfaction of taking something away from someone.
The satisfaction to annoy and waste a person’s life or make him mad.

O and then there’s the part where you get everything much faster than everyone else.

All of these are ACTUAL reasons why people hack.

And no it doesn’t have to have to do with immaturity or being bad at the game, in that sense everyone killing anyone or raiding anyone is immature.

Because they do not want to take the time and experience the game to its full potential. Instead, they hack so they can THINK that they are the best. When they do, people react with hate. This is a common thing in gaming, one player hates another player because that player is better than them. So hackers want a reaction like that because they think they are better than you. Instead of raging and throwing insults, just laugh at them and take it as a joke, play with them, but don’t encourage them. Mess with their minds, I have done that before with many hackers and it is great seeing their actions get laughed at. That’s my view, and it works.

I asked guy with wallhack and aimbot why he does it,before he was banned from server i play on.He said that he plays alone,and he cant go against groups of people and game gets boring when you cant pvp because everyone is grouped,and all you do is farm.

One might think that, but, apparently, one would be wrong.

It’s to compensate for their really small penises.

Number of hacks is inversely proportional to inches?

This thread is just going to be “because they [insert insult here]” jokes isn’t it.

For the people that aren’t actually making the hacks, they’re mostly doing it because it’s fun, it makes people get really angry, and it’ll probably make them famous in the community for a short time since people here just love to spam awful threads about any random hackers they happened to come across. There’s a few rare exceptions like people who hate getting randomly killed and want to kill anyone getting near them but otherwise that’s your answer.

Nope, valid response here:

Put simply, it can be just as fun as playing the game normally. As someone who has hacked certain games in the past, I can attest to the fact that not only does it have the ability to be fun, but it is usually a result of being bad at a game and wanting to get back at those who are good.

Sidenote: Please do not chastize me for my past. It is my past, and only my past. Not present or future.

Another Sidenote: As for the people that make the hacks; as a developer and former trainer-dev, the development can be a fun and/or rewarding experience as well.

I think people who hack, are in their early teens and got bored with the game too easily.
Hearing them through the ingame voice chat is quite funny. They too young to man up in themselves, so they play in god mode to ruin those with their Egos!

While it is true that most are in their teens, it can be anyone. I think the biggest things are that people either get bored, or are just not good at the game.

knowing that you will never be good at this game (read top 10 players) you either give up and move on or you hack

That’s sad but it’s true… i’ve join a serveur today, and now, an hacker kill every players…
I’ve record some movie, but, what can i do with that, for that, the server use VAC/CP…
How to kill the best game ever.
That stupid, because it’s an Alpha version, so, the anti-cheat is not the priority, but it’s kill all the game.

Why do people steal?

People always want to get an unfair advantage or break the rules. Some will do it because they are incapable of success on their own. Some will do it because they do not like to follow the rules. Some out of immaturity. Essentially the same reasons for why people do a host of other actions that are not socially/legally acceptable. Since we are online and the consequences are minimal many people will be tempted to break the rules.

The one thing I see in these threads is people stating hacking “breaks” the game. Unless they raid your base or you are caught raiding with a good deal or all of your explosives it is a minor annoyance. Sure it sucks, but you can still respawn and grab more gear and head out to fight. Also I have to point out a good chunk of the Rust player base is too stupid to figure out hacking versus good aim. I have been accused way too many times of hacking after killing a player to really take most players seriously on this subject. In 200+ hours of Rust I have only spotted two legitimate hackers. I am sure others have been around using ESP or other programs but only twice have I been able to say damn that guy is 100% hacking.