Why do people have to do this? Goin' around flashing their little 'DDoS cannons'

I deal with this on a daily basis. This one got to me, however.
I do not understand why people use their time doing this kind of crap.

This guy starts DDoSing me with some booter he bought off HackForums and proceeds to message me.

Function: Hello.
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: Yeah?
Function: Your servers has been getting alot off packets yes?
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: lol
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: no
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: don't feell anything
Function: Oh then sorry two secs
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: buy some more booters off hf pls scriptkiddie
Function: Hm yeah
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: maybe u can become a tier2 script kiddie and buy an irc bot too
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: #suchhax
Function: Botnet is not IRC
Function: its http
Function: http://gyazo.com/bc8b169770a62a19907394e2d7c0d241 HTTP
Function: http://gyazo.com/3f66d0a149961fa88ffb1f0917e9467c
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: k
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: pls more power
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: **link to HF IRC forum section** tons for sale
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: omg
Function: I find it funny that you call your self a developer when you dont know any language
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: Hahah, okay.
Function: Your servers are filled with scriptfodder addons
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: o_O
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: You're not seeing any backend bro
Function: Setup a dstat then
Function: hm yeah
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: I've gotten bigger hits than you
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: lol
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: dat wimp
Function: I cant really hit big since hornys not on
Function: He has to auth me
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: ah
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: shows u've reached 9.65gbps
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: not bad
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: still shit though
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: NFO's filtering can probably even beat that attack of yours
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: lel
Function: Mh yeah
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: You realize the more you attack NFO, the more IPs / bots of yours get blacklisted.
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: Thus, if you attack one NFO box
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: All others are untargetehble
Function: your really autistic do you know what an ampflication list is?
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: hahahah okay
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: i need some results man
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: and you're not showing me any
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: all i know is you're some guy going to show how 'omg look at my laser cannons u pleb'
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: Please, you're just another skid
Function: Hmm yeah its really ironic that your saying that
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: Okay :)
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: Also, yes, 50% of addons are ScriptFodder, but I've optimized each one. No more shitty net.WriteTables nor SetNW{type} I've changed them to DTvars
Function: C:\WINDOWS\system32>ping

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 0, Lost = 4 (100% loss),

Function: why
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: cuz of this
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: https://auroraen.com/images/cobra-weave-stick.gif
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: Attacks larger than yours
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: can't even do shit
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: lol
Function: lmao funny cuase i nullrouted it
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: lol
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: what?
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: my server
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: is still 75/80
Function: not up for me
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: well, duh
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: you're probably blacklisted
Function: lol whats my IP then?
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: Sweden
Function: yeah thats pub tho
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: lol
Function: everyone knows im swedish
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: dumbass
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: You have a swiss vpn
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: You're shitty ass Swiss OpenVPN
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: can't hide your real ip bro
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: 212.**redacted**.228
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: lol
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: fuck off
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: pleas
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: fucking skid
Function: Lmao dynamic tho
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: hahaha
Function: hit it then
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: now go away
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: No, I'm not like you.
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: a fucking skid
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: :)
Function: ahahah
Function: Funny cuase you paste
Function: scriptfodder shit
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: o_O
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: You think I got my server to the top
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: because of ScriptFodder?
Function: yeah becuase custom servers get 0 attention
Function: scriptfodder no
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: Okay man
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: you're obviously some salty kid
Function: i gotta sleep now tho :((
Function: 7 am
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: 'omg this guys srever
Function: :((
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: has more players'
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: time to ddos
Function: LOL
Function: not why
Function: Cuase shitty server
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: By the way, your VPN doesn't hide shit.
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: Should get a better one
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: :)
Function: lol i dont really care i can just
Function: replug my cable
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: Yeah, but if I didn't tell you
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: You would've been fucked
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: I know your location
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: already
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: Enkoping,
Function: LOL yeah
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: I can report you and shit
Function: LOL
Function: hahaha
Function: yeah dude
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: You think that's a false thread
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: threat, but I've been reported before
Function: ahahaha
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: ISP sent some guy to my house
Function: LOL
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: fucking hilarious
Function: Yeah i gotta sleep now tho
Function: D:
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: awweee
Function: Nighty
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: parents ?
‏Divine ᴭᴺ: ;)
Function: Already at work
Function is now Offline.

The guy was hiding behind his silly VPN, which isn’t foolproof. Made an easy PHP script that send headers of real IP which seemed to scare the kid off.

This is probably better in ‘shit that gets you mad in gmod’ in gmod general discussion but either way I laughed at the chat, that’s probably how I’d respond as well

He’s right about the NFO filters though; they don’t global blacklist IPs. Also, NFO’s filters will just shut down your SRCDS in order to stop the DDOS

Yeah, he wasn’t targeting my NFO box though. He was targeting the IP that mitigates 20Gbps / 8000k PPS.

No no. That’s what they tell you to do to stop windows from crashing in the first 30 seconds before their filters kick in.

Yeah it’s quite sad that people think they are invincible on the internet… Eventually that guy is going to run into some bad people who will fuck his shit up much harder lol.


What did you use to mitigate the attack, just NFO’s filtering?

If you want to deal with ddos just ignore it completely. Don’t announce it on your forums, on your server, don’t talk to them on steam. Delete, block, ban, filter. Don’t react publicly and they just get bored and move on.

if only you could have somehow turned on his webcam and took a screenshot, I’d like to know what color fedora he wears.

Other than that, I’m not that knowledgeable on optimizing code, and quite often I do use NWVars and net.writetable since they’re quick and easy. Are DTVars that much better to use like you told him? As well, I don’t see any DTVar equivalent for net tables :S

Would also like to know this

Yeah, I agree. In most cases, I do completely ignore these kind of people. However, this guy in particular was being a complete nuisance to the extent of posting threads on our community forums as well as threatening other players. I was already in a foul mood and there’s a line that he passed so I took action.

What I struggle to understand is WHY these people are doing what he’s doing, what motive they have, and what is there to gain out of it. I guess some people are naturally just dicks.
DDoSing a server doesn’t validate whatever point they are trying to make.

@NWVars and WriteTable

http://cdn.auroraen.com/image/2K2W3W1a0j2S/Image 2015-04-07 at 9.48.12 PM.png

For small-scale projects / servers, there isn’t a huge effect. Although, as said above, it does add up and makes a significant difference at a larger scale.

I wasn’t talking about net library there or net.WriteTable, I was talking about SetNW* VS SetDT*/Networked*

spoken like a true euro kid who browses hackforums daily

Yeah removing write table and NWVars are just such massive optimizations. You have no idea what you’re talking about and should stop speaking as if you do.

Anyway as others have sort of said probably wouldn’t need such good ddos protection if you didn’t wave your dick around so much.

If you have something personal with me, please talk to me privately :frowning: I was really just quoting what I found on my own. If I’m wrong, please correct me, but SetNW* were inefficient according to what I read here. The previous update supposedly made it as efficient as DTVars, but was reverted due to it causing crashes. (If NWVars =/= SetNW*, then I’m stupid. Confused them ;_;. There are just many aliases w/ similar purposes.)

Yeah, that was what @Z0mb1n3 was wondering. I wasn’t comparing net.WriteTable w/ DTVars but rather I confused NWVars with SetNW* in my posts.