Why do people here make their beta maps available to the public?

For instance, if you’re working on a map called gm_noob, why would you upload a beta version of it called gm_noob_beta_v1, then another one called gm_noob_beta_v2, and so on? If you must have someone playtest a beta map, only make it available to your close friends on Steam. It also takes up unnecessary space on garrysmod.org when you upload unfinished beta versions.

All you are doing is causing confusion for future downloaders of the map on garrysmod.org, since there will be a number of gm_noob_beta versions plus the gm_noob final version.

Lastly, waiting until the map is finished for release helps build anticipation for people looking at sneak peek photos in its WIP thread.

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Don’t download the beta maps then?

I don’t think you understood my post.
lol i swear, giving advice on this forum is like talking to a brick wall

i understood completely, you are complaining about that it takes up room on a site and that it is confusing even though it is clearly labelled. is that correct?

You know damn well people don’t follow common sense all the time, and everyone has had a moment where they were confused on something as simple as _final > _betaV5.

I still don’t think complaining of the forum is a useful thing either, and really don’t care about beta maps on garrysmod.org nor do I find that annoying. Just do it your way and if anyone does care they’ll comment on how you do things right.

Delete the betas.

I made my map available from version 0.1, but I deleted my old versions.

If the map actually has something impressive at these beta stages, i wouldn’t mind.

But if it’s just a crappy map, to hell with it.

Wow how ironic, you’re bitching about betas and you just released a beta:
I don’t find them annoying but I do see them as a waste of time, especially with awesome maps. I mean look what happened to Hazrd’s map when he released a beta, some retard 12 year old stole some of his buildings and claimed them as his own.

I find it annyoing when people release beta versions for no real reason.

The entire point of a public beta version is to iron out the bugs prior to final version release.

General terminology I’ve abided by is: _a _b _v

Alpha being closed testing or unreleased, Beta being closed/public testing and Version being the final with no further additions.

That map is way overrated.

The only thing it’s got going for it is the animated texture on the seabed.

Nice try, but that is the actual name of the map, “Seabase Alpha”.

What kind of map did Hazrd release?

You are getting confused with “gm_sealab”, my older (and first) underwater base map.

I just released a new map called “gm_seabase_alpha”, which is what Terragen gave a link to. It is much improved over my first underwater map.

As previously states betas are only valuable if they are used to provide feedback to the author about problems in the map.

If there are people testing the map pointing out glitches, game crashing bugs or things as simple as the odd misaligned texture and the author is using this information to improve the map then the beta is totally worth it.

If you’re just using the tag beta Vx to release multiple versions of the same map with minor alterations for no real reason then I agree it’s a complete waste of space.

When I finish something, which is rare, I don’t even put a V on it. I prefer a nice clean title.

I was just playing with you, I know it’s not a beta. Hazrd Released a beta of his post Apocalypse map Gm-Apocalypse. Then some retard 12 year old took a few buildings and stuff out of the beta and put it in his own map, then claimed he made it. I mean how stupid do you have to be honestly? You put a few pictures here and you don’t think someone will notice? Anyways, maps that are highly anticipated should never be released as beta’s because there’s always that retard who ruins all the fun.

It’s because mappers can get many beta testers at once, also they get many good advices.

(Rate Green thingy if you agree)

lol yea me too

Releasing a beta gives the community an idea of what you are going to release, therefore increasing publicity.

Entire post disregarded.

Salutations brerben,
If something is in beta it means it will be modified a lot in the finished version. There are 3 states of something. Beta is the start of something. Alpha is the public knowledge that it exists and the final steps. And release is when its released.

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