Why do people like RP?

Honestly, how can anyone stand it for more than 10 seconds? My brother plays it religiously, but honestly, why do people like it?

I’ve tried it a few times, I find it really boring. Prehaps that’s because I’ve only played half-life 2 RP and not real-life RP.

Because it can be intellectually stimulating if you’re building a dynamic story with people you enjoy being around.

And fun as hell.

Do you mean actual RP? Or the retarded shit that now dominates most of the servers that just happens to be called RP by some?

If you mean the former, then if you do it right, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Especially when you have just the right balance of seriousness and sillyness.

If you mean the latter, because people like to ruin other peoples fun.


DarkRP is, honestly, shit.

The only reason most people like RP is because they can be in there attics and live a life like the kind they thought they would live as a child.

That’s a really good question but the answer from me is I don’t know. I have played nothing but roleplay servers since about the second to third month I had the game. I remember the first RP server I played on was Rackle Jaxx DarkDM server lol, then I found Pulsar.

Kills that hour in the evening when you are too tired to build something cool/do anything productive but too awake to go to sleep.

I don’t see how it can be fun. There’s something to be said for evolving your own story through your play, but the way it is, your probably just going to end up with a conflict lacking narrative of an office worker, and a bunch of 10 year olds Q__Q-ing about money printers.

I don’t like RP because it doesn’t have peanuts… or cashews! (another type of nut)

We have occasional roleplays with a community, the RPs get planned and on a set date, everyone goes in and RPs on the theme. Admins on the server are very harsh and never hestitate to ban you if you do things wrong, but it does keep assholes and new people out.

I like it this way. Being part of the community is dead easy if you know how to RP without using guns. It’s what real RP is.

Hosting a public RP server is often no fun because it attracts idiots and there is zero roleplay involved. The only thing people want is either become the cop, or become the criminal and it always ends with a gunfight.

I own a RP server, and I’ve been RPing for years.
Since the start I played DarkRP.
Later on, I started playing real-life servers, mainly Cider/hl2rp.

What I found fun was the part you have to actually live.
Get a job, make money, buy different things, do different stuff, save your money to get that exclusive car.
It’s never the same. Or, that depends.
If you say “get job, buy apartment, live, make money, buy/sell”, it’ll indeed sound boring.
Although if you think more… outside of the box.
It’s endless. You can be the President and rule the city with a iron hand, or you can be soft and sleek with the rules.

I like to minge RP servers. I play along just long enough to buy a gun and blast the shit out of the little kids.


I dislike Dark RP because it’s basically Quake with jobs.

I used to RP, I just got bored with it and couldn’t get back into it.

Because they have opinions.

Even the “real” roleplaying in GMod isn’t even close to RolePlay. It’s the same shit as DarkRP RP, but with a fancier HUD and useless shit in the script. Most servers have you following set storyline (TnB), or are real life roleplay, but so restricted in what you can do thanks to banhappy admins (PERP based scripts).

RP is a joke and is nothing of it’s former self.

One word.

it’s gmod rp, not your ‘real rp’
deal with it

also, rp without guns isn’t ‘real rp’