Why do people say "OHH EM GE DONT DOWNLOAD THIS. GET TEH SVN" On svn files?

Title says most. But look at the phx 3 one for example. Shit works fineeeeeee, yet people bitch it to hell and back.

You obviously haven’t used SVN.

The shit on gmod.org is out of date half the time because new models and functions are being added daily.

Sure, it works fine.

But you won’t have the latest and greatest.

Because there could be a crucial update only updated through SVN, Thats maybe a few days before someone uploads it. Also you get every update first, depending on if you check often.

I saw that snip. :rolleyes:

The garrysmod.org downloads of SVN addons (although not recommended) are mostly fine if you only play on single-player. But most dedicated servers use the SVN versions so if you connect you’re gonna have to download one hell of a lot.

Even so, sometimes even single-player Gmod players encounter problems, as what the last Gmod update did to Wiremod proved to us.

I lol’d.

Yeah single player is a good refuge if you get too many laggy servers and its not funny,
But the only pain in the ass is that the advanced duplicator i downloaded off Gmod.org(which works fully)… Apart from when i use advanced duplicator on single player the duped models break up whilst if i used the adv duplicator on the server they stay whole.