Why do people shoot phys beams at each other?

I was playing some Rp, when a new player joined. Like any new player would, he ran at me shooting a physbeam in my face. i did the same of course, and then i wondered. “Why do people shoot physbeams?” like think about it, how many times have you had a blue beam hit you in the face in gmod? It must be some sort of greeting. i really don’t understand, but here’s my almost guaranteed false theory!

One day, back when gmod 9 was still supported by garry, players where having fun on a build server. then a new player, lets call him Mr.can’ttype joined. everyone said hi, but Mr.can’ttype had unbinded his chat key (y)
and couldn’t re-bind it for some reason. so, he shot his physbeam at their face. they where not mad, but puzzled, Why did he do that? then someone shot back, and Mr.c shot back and they kept firing into each others eyes. eventually, this became a gmod tradition, if you new, shoot a physbeam and they shoot back!

Another possible theory is that people may hope they can pick people up, meaning they are randomly a admin. or maybe they just think its fun to shoot lasers at people.

Good thing physguns aren’t real. just imagine, walking down the street, and then some dude comes and shoots a beam at you! it grabs your head and because he’s moving the beam around, you head gets ripped off. “Hello Fr-” head gets ripped off “hello Dan!”

So yeah, its a weird thing, but its friendly and a bit fun. So if you join a server, shoot your physgun at someone! (or all over the place, people do that allot to!)

goddamn boxes haunt me. or maybe its the troll under the comment bridge.

If I have the physgun I tend to blink it at people, otherwise I just flicker my flashlight to get their attention.

yeah thats also common!

This really made me laugh. I do it all the time but I don’t know why. Everyone I have done it to has done it back. Sometimes I think people do it to me just to piss me off, and sometimes it works! LOL great post :stuck_out_tongue:

Same, i sometimes use my flashlight too. And if possible, the gravity gun.

oh god i flicker my flash light using my mouse wheel. admin banned me for it :c00l:

well thank u sar


you mean alt fire for the g gun? god, we could wright a novel about the weird crap in gmod!

There should be a Gmod news site where people can submit their own written articles edited by moderators or something… Don’t attack me.

good question, I usually do that to check maybe I got some admin status by accident and I can drag players arround :3

I’m guessing it’s like saying “Hi” or to get attention. I usually shoot the beam around when running and someone happens to be close by. To get someones attention, I just flicker the flashlight. For me to get someone to follow me, I usually flicker my flashlight, then while they’re looking at me I run backwards shooting the beam at them then they follow (most of the time…).

As for your question:

My answer for that is, why not?

body language

to get attention

It’s a Minge’s way of saying “lol hai”


They’re Doing The Morse Code?

I do it mainly for lag checking.

In my server, admins can pick up players using the physgun. So I tend to move troublemakers into places they can’t escape from, and watch their feeble attempts to grab me.

But yeah, before I had a server I used to “poke” people with the gun all the time, as it were.

That was really freaken funny :smiley:
A good observation hehe.

I use the physics gun for building (obviously), getting peoples attention, pointing stuff out and (Because I’m an admin) moving players out of the way when they jump all over my contraptions.