Why do roleplay mas always have a dark/creepy area in them?

Lots of roleplay maps always have a creepy area in them, like rp_downtown has a creepy subway and sewers, and rp_littletown is happy and bright looking, until you get to the underground, there is creepy ambience and creepy sounds start playing, I seriously keep feeling that i’m about to get jump scared! I play on singleplayer as well, so it’s really eerie :)!!!

Is it an inside joke/trend to always have a really creepy, horror esc area in roleplay maps?

EDIT: I was just screwing around in the underground where I found a room and I spawned ‘scp 173’ in the room, and I thought he couldn’t teleport through windows, so I looked away and nothing happened, then I went out of the door, came back in and he was standing right in front of me, it was the most scariest thing ever!!!1

'cus it’s fun. Personally I like it when an RP map has a seedy underbelly to it. Then it becomes the one area people rarely visit so criminals can set up base there before being spooked out.

I suppose, I just wondered why it’s in almost every map. But yeah it does make it kinda fun

A lot of things in Garry’s Mod are shaped by the core files, from Half-life 2.

What rp maps would you recommend that are similar? (some creepy areas?)

rp_locality - huge underground
rp_c18 - dystopian, moody atmosphere

They don’t have any jumpscares do they?

What? no.

Where will the rapists and kidnappers hang out otherwise?

I think it’s more of an easter egg type of thing, I think it’s just a thing all map creators now do, kinda like the Wilhelm Scream of map making.

Haha, I guess it is pretty much an easter egg

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Sorry, lol! They just kinda give me that vibe