Why do server admins wipe server?

Ok so there are a few discussions going about this at the moment, but my main question is why?
i mean there is the reason for a fresh start and what not but why, does it effect server performance all that much?


Because of bugs.
New features, old world.
So they just wipe to avoid bugs and performance issues.

Ah i see thanks for that man

Updates happen every 2-3 weeks, when this happens the server doesn’t perform super well. Some mod addons don’t work at all or are extremely buggy. A wipe resets everything.

Also, after 2-3 weeks the server is often cluttered with buildings and also benefits from a wipe.

Yeah always nice to get rid of the clutter and start fresh, i may start doing it but it would be normal to do so when mods come out i guess

Its pretty retarted if there are enormous clans with unraidable bases who kill fresh spawns.

But that’s not the general wipe reason.

servers are wiped because its the only way to ensure your server is fully patched.

For example before the revolver was released you could craft 9mm pistol. If a player logged on your server 20 minutes before the update was released and the server updated and logged back on after, he could still craft pistols even though they removed that functions of new spawns being able to do this.

just one example.

Second is fresh servers appeal to new players. atfer playing on your server for 2-3 weeks you iwll of course have the biggest base with everything craftable and tones of resources, and new players will avoid coming on because they know they will get fucked over. So a wipe will populate your server a bit more. If to much c4 is on your server this is a good way to combat it.

Thirdly is that the game is in alpha and wipes are going to happen once a month, and will continue to be this way to atleast late beta. i would advise you get use to it happening and it will happen alot more times to come.

In my opinion when the server is wiped is the best time to play on the server. Everyone is at the same level and its a race to get to the top. more fun everyone running around in cloth Armour with bows. quite alot of fun

Fix major server lag which is caused by big bases and to give new players a chance. Or to install a plugin that requires the map to be wiped. Or a rust update that also requires a wipe.

They just press del accidentally in the console :wink:

Personally, I think MOST (not all) server admins wipe because it is easier than reinstalling or fixing broken mods and plugins… In simple terms, it’s the easy way.

I have not wiped mine in the last two updates. Granted, I run a PVE server, which is vastly different than a KOS server, but oh well. I have spend quite a bit of time working on the server, the world, and all the mods and plugins I have installed… To me, the players that visit over and over are worth the trouble and the time.

I know eventually the devs are going to release an update that will require me to wipe, but I won’t do it until it’s nessesary, I owe that much to the players that support the server.

BTW, server performance has not suffered, I do clean up decayed buildings to keep the world clean, that helps.

I have heard and been victim to mid patch server wipes and every time it has been because the Admin was working on the cfg’s and lost files in someway. So, it naturally wipes.

Backup, backup, backup… I don’t do anything without backing up what I’m working on. I have avoided potentially disasterous results because I backup… There have been times that my server has been down for a few minutes due to an error on my part, but I can usually repair the damage by restoring the file and starting over with my edits/modifications.

Only one person has mentioned a big reason, basically the only reason the server I play on wipes outside of required wipes due to patches: building lag. We had so many big bases in French Valley that two wipes ago, you couldn’t do anything there. The server starts to crap out when there are tons of structures everywhere.

I’ve seen more than 1 admin wipe their server simply to generate more traffic. Players flock to a “freshly wiped server” where they don’t have to compete with established players. Some admins abuse this to increase their player count.

1.) Laziness
2.) Attempt for population boom by advertising the wipe
3.) Laziness
4.) New features / Compatibility
5.) Lag when there is a million tall bases all over the map. This however can be adjusted by cranking down the decay time.

When a friend of mine ran his server we rarely had to wipe to incorporate new updates. Only rarely did we have to wipe to get a update to work.

I personally don’t care for amount of players. I like my server small and it helps when I can vaguely get to know the players so I don’t have to keep tabs on everybody. Besides, I only got a server for me to screw around in. It would be a waste to have 49 slots just sit there empty when I’m paying monthly for them.

Not everyone wants to (or has the time to) put the time and effort to run a server for longevity, I have seen a few, but of the 12k hosted servers, I would say a very small percentage are ran by folks that really care. It isn’t always easy to keep things updated, to squish the drama and conflicts, and have fun doing it all. There are a few server owners that I could thank for setting a good example and inspiring me to go out on my own :wink:

How do you cleanup decaying buildings?

With the Remove or Vinegar plugins for Oxide