Why do some models not contain VPhysics properties?

Today I was greeted with the following error when analysing console output:

This resulted in the model not reacting to any kind of physics interaction within the world. The issue can be resolved in Hammer by setting Collisions to “Use Bounding Box” on the static_prop entity.

Is this a hack? When browsing through the wiki regarding bounding boxes and VPhysics I got the feeling bounding boxes are not something that should actually be considered as a permanent solution within the Source engine.

Am I wrong in thinking this? Are bounding boxes actually to be used instead of VPhysics on models in certain situations? Like the above model I am trying to use on my map?

Mapper/Modeller here. you see, a model is made of multiple things. Among them there is a reference, at least one sequence (animation), and “in some case” a collision model. In TF2, some models don’t have collisions because they were made to be in places of the map where players aren’t supposed to go (like, behind a grid).

If you try to use these models that don’t have collision models in your map, either as a prop_static or a prop_dyamic, and set their collisions as “Vphysics”, the game will check if they have a collision model. And if they don’t, it’ll return that error.

So to stop getting that error, set the Collisions to “Not Solid”. If you want that prop to have collisions, you can either:
-recompile that prop with collisions
-create a func_detail covered in nodraw texture where you want the collisions to be.

This is the bothersome model:


It does not have VPhysics. Personally, would you say this is a good decision or a bad decision? It is used as a static object. Should I recompile this and pack it into my map? Or should I not bother and continue onwards using the bounding box?

It’s a wall decoration, just disable collisions.

This gives an unrealistic appearance when somebody starts smacking it with a tool or fires at it with a weapon.

Sometimes its better to just go with it, makes for a really really really minor fps drop too

I was wondering in general, no having performance in mind, why some models would not receive VPhysics.

Perhaps due to their simplicity in structure? Or is that not a valid reason to not go for VPhysics and stick to a bounding box?

It was parented to a moving door and the player had no weapons at that point. There was no need for adding such extra work to it.

If you don’t need to add something, why would you? If it’s only being used once in a setting that the player has no access to weapons, what’s the point?

If you wanted I think you could add a nodraw brush so you could collide with it