Why do some scripts cost money?

Why are there scripts that cost money that seem to be a very common thign that should be added to darkrp such as inventory and nlr bubbles?

Cause people need money.

Because the developer put their time and effort into them and it’s their choice to monetize their own work.

Essentially the reason is that no-one has yet done it for free or released it for free.
A program’s license is up to its developer (unless limited by some other license or law which isn’t applicable here), so they may decide to ask for compensation for their work.

In the case of DarkRP the base system is freely available, so I assume there’s not too much incentive to add many features to it (but that’s really up to FPtje so I can’t tell you anything specific. Feature requests for the main game mode seem to go here).

It’s possible you can find free alternatives, but those are not always going to be available.
The best option to get it for free would then be to ask and hope someone does it, or to learn to program (which isn’t a bad skill to have anyway).

(I just saw this on the Ticker and am not too familiar with GMod scripting, but afaik the prices for these components are still fairly low in the big picture of (semi-)redistributable software licenses.
I wouldn’t be surprised if many of them cost far less than the equivalent work hours normally would.)

Because some people are naive enough to believe their script won’t end up distributed for free within 15 minutes of the first person buying it.

Because popular server owners are rolling in dough. Some people spend thousands (yes, thousands) of dollars on donations.


If you’re good at something, never do it for free.

Almost all of the reasons posted above are great and I completely agree. Personally, I think the best way to about it is to release a combination of free and paid scripts, have some sort of balance. Also there are coders out there who are very talented but aren’t sure what to make, as we’ve had threads crop up before asking for ideas but I’m not sure if they get much contributions

It’s like movies, books, music, etc. It is a talent, it is practiced, some are good quality, some are not. Some can be a lot of work, some could be simple. Some people release those things for free, others require a fee. If anything, you must respect or have some sort of admiration for these people’s work. And if they request money for it, you have a choice to pay or not. I might be ranting and not make much sense. So here is a TL;DR

Porn is great. It can be free for some good stuff, but you can pay for higher quality stuff or get ripped off.

… what if I make my own?


Then you’re paying for it with your own time. Or in the case of porn, shame when your dad finds it.

I don’t know about anyone else here when it comes to coding for money but I just really like pizza.

If you’re good at something and people are willing to give you money for it… then yes.

Imagine if you were a script author, and you’ve already made something useful. Would you turn down free money?
You might, if making money is less important to you than improving the overall Garry’s Mod community, but that’s your choice, and many people choose to make money.

Sorry but you’re talking about it in a way that makes it sound like you either make money or improve the overall Gmod community, essentially ‘selling out’.

Nuh uh.

A few people who do work on ScriptFodder and make money off coding also give out free work too, Exho being the best example I can think of right now. I work for ScriptFodder but I also contribute to the addon cloning thread to [sp]put my competitors out of business[/sp] give back to the community.

Making free addons is more fun imo. More people get to use it which is always cool and you get more (not always better) feedback on it. The money is nice from selling scripts, it pays for some gas and what not, but its not as fun to code something that only a couple servers would ever use. Thats just my opinion on it

Just dont sell terrible scripts for high prices or I’ll probably end up cloning it :stuck_out_tongue: