Why do stairs have to suck so bad?

Seriously. Anyone have a good stair layout for their bases? Taking up 3x2 or 3x3 tiles for a smoothly connected set of staircases is just horrible. I’ve set up my own server for testing and even with unlimited resources I always fall back to furnaces for the easiest and smallest method to get to the next level. There has to be a better way, but what?

Yeah I’m pretty anal about stair placement also and need to lay it out nicely. Becomes problematic when doing epic cave builds where space is a premium and you have up to 5 levels fit in the cave. I tend to have a lot of valuable real estate taken up by big long rambling stairs going around the walls.

Wouldn’t mind seeing another stair type implemented much like the old legacy stairs, that way if you need to cram a steeper set of stairs in a 1x1 if you need to, you can.

Many stair threads. I believe there will be more than one kind of stair…

single ramp with a small box placed at the top, and jump to the next level (ala infused’s video a while back;))

Agreed, there are workarounds in place, but I would rather see a 1x1 tile ladder like in the old building system, so that you can build narrow footprint stairwells for taller builds, without half of your floorspace being occupied by stairs.

Use the Metal and Wood box with a small wooden box in front of it.

Hate to give away one of my best tricks, but …

Build a doorway and put a door in it that swings out below the access to the floor above. Put a small box just beyond the edge of the door when it’s open. Make sure the door has a lock on it.

When the door is open, you can jump from box to the door to the next floor up. Close the door and now the upper floor access is gone. With a cupboard up top, you don’t have to remove and rebuild your stairs all the time as the door acts as a gate to the floor above. Raiders can remove your door but can’t add their own.

I used to do something similar when doors were free floating in the original Rust (hard to even remember those days, doors with no doorways needed).

I used to do something similar but it was a little bit clunky so I gave up on it. Your solution sounds a little more elegant however, and while it isn’t as smooth as simply running up some stairs, the advantage of the removable “stairs” might compensate for this.

Time to fire up my test server to experiment. Thanks.