Why do they keep adding melee weapons?

I mean, they’re great looking. And possibly fun for those who like to role play. But 99% of the time they are useless because a bow/crossbow/AK is 100x better and easier to find/craft.

Especially considering they’re all just modifications of each other. You all swing them and they all do ‘x’ amount of damage. There isn’t even much uniqueness to them aside from their appearance.

Am I wrong in thinking that the dev’s time could be better spent working on other things? Or do you think they have something planned to make melee more viable?

The idea is to make ranged weapons harder to craft and find, maybe even make guns rare and their blueprints even more rare.

Melee will most likely get revamped over time, with each weapon having their own speed, range, and other attributes such as bleed chance and such.

It’s not that hard to follow.

Look at it this way:
They added HQ metal to make guns harder to craft
They are adding more melee weapons

Guns will be significantly harder to find and craft in the future (even with HQ metal,it’s easy to hijack someones quarry and guard it until you get enough HQ metal to craft a gun)

Gotcha. Thanks for the answers. Cheers!