Why do we have to wait for all 1200+ servers to load on the list?

Especially since new servers are being added all the time, it is getting far more annoying to wait for the entire server list to load before I can look at my history list or join a game. Especially with the issues of crashing on Mac lately. There are now 1200+ servers that I have to wait for them all to load on the list every single time. Would be nice if the only servers that had to load were the ones on whatever list you are looking at (official, community, history, etc.).

It’s been suggested they add a stop refresh button as well as stop-refresh upon double clicking. The problem currently is that you have to wait and while waiting you lag tremendously / have a huge framerate drop while its propagating the server list.

I would definitely like to see some way to truncate the server list. Options to hide pings over a certain limit or from countries I dont plan on playing on…

I’m in full agreement on adding filters as well as a possible “Search” where you can search via an IP or a name wildcard. Aka ip address or something like when searching for my server i just type Adverse and it filters through the list to find it.

However, I think most of this will be addressed in time and with hotfixes / updates as things change.