Why do you keep asking for unraidable houses?

Rust is raid or be raided. If people will be able to build unraidable houses there is no point to the game.
If you want a farming game go play “FarmVille”.
I think rust needs more raiding & defending tools & weapons, so we can get more creative then just doors & C4.

Raiding should be hard but not impossible.

see… your logic against the human wish to protect what they have earned. your common logic don´t works if you encounter ancient mother nature instincts. :slight_smile:

2 things:
1.Most shitpost I’ve seen. Some people dont like being raided.
2.לא ציפיתי שישראלי ידרוש שכל הבתים היו כאלה שאפשר לפרוץ חוץ מזה עליך ליצור קשר עם צוות “התנחלות כספ” כדי לקבל עוד פרטים

(User was banned for this post ("Posts should be in English unless they are in a thread or forum dedicated to a foreign language" - verynicelady))

If you want and try to be antisemitic at least dont tryhard and google translate it.


When the developers see “Unraidable Base” posts they should consider that a bug to be fixed.

That was not google. You should understand Hebrew in order to understand what was spoken, btw I do know Hebrew, no google there.

Well, my point still stands as google translate spits this out:
“I did not expect an Israeli demand that all the houses were such that you can hack Besides you should contact the “settlement money” to get more details”.
Btw, a friend of mine, who actually is from Israel and knows hebrew commented on this, and it’s meaning:

So please kindly get out, the exit is in upper-right corner of your screen.

When you read the word “hack” you should of understood its not Google -.-
Btw, tell your friend to go to Fxp.co.il and he would understand what I just said.

1.I don’t want my house raided as well… So I get creative protecting my stuff.
2.If you people don’t like to get raided there are some servers out there with no c4…
3.English please, I can also write in hebrew but I find it disrespectful for the rest of the community.
4.They really shoulkd raid the settlements in israel & take all thier C4 & Guns.

I’m not really a fan of “unraidable” houses - I think that runs a bit counter to the point of the game here.

However, I think it would be nice if there was a way for players to highly protect a select number of items. I.e., a “Titanium Chest” that’s impervious to break-in, but only holds 8 items. Maybe a limit of 1-3 Titanium Chests per player or something.

That’s not necessarily a specific suggestion I’m making. Just a general concept of the type of thing I’d like to see. I think the threat of being raided and being able to steal other players’ stuff is part of the intrigue of Rust, but it would be nice if players could protect, on a limited basis, some of their most valuable stuff, in order to mitigate the total heartbreak and discouragement that comes from losing EVERYTHING.

Agree, If you could create a high security chests that require a lock cool down or even to break into it would be nice.

As I said in another thread, the problem is the disparity in ability that comes from farming.

My friends and I play on a server, but we all work / have obligations outside of the game. On every server I’ve been on, there are always people who seem to ge on 8+ hours a day. Just farming…

So what takes me a week to farm up and build only takes a few hours for someone to grind out.

There is no skill in raiding if you have practically infinite C4 and grenades. And you might raid my well designed house with 20+ C4 and steal all my items that are practically worthless to you because you could have farmed all that in a few hours, but you erased everything I achieved in the blink of an eye WHILE I WASN’T EVEN HOME.

I give props to someone who raids me while I’m on. If you show up to my house, manage to kill me 2 times and then steal my shit, you out skilled me.

Blowing up my house while I was at work? Well, the game allows it, but that’s hopefully going to be modified in the future because right now, that’s only punishing people who don’t make Rust their lives

Yet another “play it my way or GTFO” post…

Let me try it…

If you want a game to KOS everything in site, go play COD… See how that works?

This is a sandbox game, meaning WE ALL have the freedom to do what we want, a person has the freedom to be a dick and KOS ever naked man he sees, a person has the right to grief someone elses home, and a person has the freedom to get creative and protect what they have build, including unraidable base (if such a thing exists).

But you want to punish people for being creative? Sure, once they start punishing griefers, raiders, and KOS’ers…

“Unraidable” is a bit extreme. I would like to see some more balance come into play between raiders and bases, personally.

stuff like booby traps, subterranean rooms (a stretch considering the engine), maybe locked chests to give lockpicks a better purpose.

At the same time, I’d like to see other building stuff that would help raiders, like ladders or ropes for climbing. My hope is for bases to not wind up looking so weird by the end of this, really.

Oh I would love to make traps! Something maybe a celling falls down the feet! And you fall into it!

Hahaha, raiders blow a hole in the top of your base

base turns out to be a recreation of the Bell Tower stage from MK3

^THIS. I registered only to quote this, the real problem of Rust right now. Me and other 4 friends stopped playing until it will be a huge change and improvement on this aspect. It’s so frustrating, because you can’t play if there are people that make Rust their lives, unless you don’t build your house outside the currently played map. It’s really annoying guys…

Yea it does heavily favor people who make rust their lives… If you can farm infinite c4 becuase you have nothing else to do then the people who have lives outside of a game have no chance at the moment to defend.

I think the point is good. Raiding should be possible, but it would be nice if it was a bit more complex. At this stage, defense means: build many doors. Offense: acquire C4.

I think we need more raid-relevant buildable structures, and more tools to allow for protection and breaking in.

That’s part of the game. It’s what sets Rust apart from the other current MMO survival games.

Is a burglar going to break into your house while you’re home? No. How do you protect your possessions? You get an alarm system.

In Rust if you want to protect your home you need to be smart about the design and location. I haven’t been raided and just like you I have other obligations outside of the game. I’m smart about how and where I build my house. I take into consideration how someone could possibly break into my house and build upon that. The majority of people aren’t going to waste 20+ C4 on one house, and if they do they’re not very wise.

Please don’t turn this into a baby game.