Why do you keep removing good features from the server side?


Why are steam IDs not logged upon client connection? The steam ID logging was vital for A: our whitelisting B: catching people who name change to avoid getting caught

Why would you remove good features? Managing rust servers is hard enough as it is without you guys removing actual useful information logging.

find their name in the player list and use http://steamrep.com/ to get their steam id.

This doesn’t solve the problem outlined at all and still doesn’t justify the removal of a perfectly good feature.

I say remove all admin super powers!!!

So you maggots won’t be using the god mode shit and spawn everything to see 10 levels high metal houses like I did so many times before.

Keep in the basic things, kick/ban. Enough for admins.

Any decent game has this options so admins don’t fuck around with others.

Don’t mention minecraft, cause this is not, this is FPS at it’s core cause that’s how the game actually plays, u’re either aiming good or u’re dead!!!

totally agreed

<Insert any Valve FPS>, must be bad games because they have god mode, etc.

I’d rather see this develop more towards minecraft than a limited server control game like Battlefield. Its up to you to find a server with good admins.

Or while we’re at it remove Kick and ban too, because those both get complaints about being admin abuse.

At its core its an FPS sure. If you remove the several hours it actually takes to get to that point. Shooting naked people at spawn isn’t featured in any other FPS though. Building isn’t really a feature in any mainstream fps’s, but clearly that’s irrelevant to you because you join a server your friends have played on and get handed your full kevlar and m4. Makes the game easy.

A whitelist is in no way shape or form admin abuse. Nothing forces you to join his server. I’m perfectly fine with seeing it in the list. Hell I’d be inclined to run a whitelist too if I bothered to ever buy a server, easier player management, incentive for people to care about the server, etc. Pulling steam ID’s isn’t a godmode like function, its almost no different than kick/ban.

I agree, which is why I’m confused why they would remove the steam ID logging, as it makes kicking/banning users less easy when they fuck around.

EDIT: to clarify, steam ID logging is still in there, just not upon player connect.

I’m going to ask Pat whats going on BMRF

hey guys, sorry i’ve minimized the amount of logs with connections. But i’ve set up convars to renable them.

heres all the convars for logging connection and their default values:

connectlog.approval false
—logs when a new connection is about to go through approval

connectlog.approve false
—logs when a connection is approved

connectlog.deny false
—logs when a connection is denied ( and shows the code giving reason )

connectlog.connecting false
—logs when a connection is being initialized ( after approval has been approved )

connectlog.connected false
—logs when a connection has been initialized ( ushually right after connecting starts )

connectlog.joined true
—logs when a connection has been made its first character for the session

connectlog.disconnecting false
—logs when a connection has began disconnecting

connectlog.disconnected true
—logs when a connection has been disconnected

and then theres a command
connectlog.all true/false
where you can set all of those variables above to true or false.

you’ll just wanna slip those into the servers cfg

sorry about the confusion, and let me know what you think would be better defaults

Personally the ID upon connection was a good default but really that’s not that important, what’s important is that convars like these are documented, thanks for the information.

May I recommend adding this to the rust google doc?