why does a m4 zoom further then a bolt?

this bothered me, is this for balancing? bolt is more rare but if it zoomed a bit more it would be better imo. since sniping a moving target isnt easy.

Because the bolt is a pos.


piece of shit

true but its rare as fuck and its fun to use. getting a headshot on someone from ur roof is rewarding. if they increase the zoom, it would live up to its rare-ness by making it deadly to use from mountains or guarding an your team at an airdrop from the rocks.

Lol…no it’s not.

real men jerk the mouse back and forth and hold mouse 1 + W while screaming into the mic

to hell with “Aiming”

I assume it has something to do with clipping issues on the iron sights. Or the sights in general are too small when viewed far away. If I remember correctly that rifle originally was a place holder.

You mean like this? (Only the first clip)

its fun to use tho just sitting on your roof waiting until someone stands still