Why does advanced duplicator 2 break shit?

I cant even make my contraption because avd dupe 2 screws up the turrets mounted on it or whatever is attached to it. random things will no clip through eachother, welds will sag like crazy and just about everything gets screwed up and the physgun cant help set things straight. why…WHY cant it just work like its intended to??? what is it that adv dupe has a hard time saving??

Why not youknow, use the build in gmod dupes?

“use the build”? what do you mean by that?

He meant built-in.

Because the built in duplicator doesn’t support a ton of addons, like ACF and some parenting tools.

Remember to freeze all your stuff before saving. Try and use area copy (shift + right click). If that doesn’t work, then you have to be doing something quite wrong.

that definitely makes sense! I don’t usually freeze stuff before saving because there are 200+ props and I didn’t know I could freeze a bunch of props at once, so that could be it. thanks.

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thd in game duplicator does not have as many features for pasting or ghosting dupes as well as file browsing with names and descriptions. its just for small pieces and what not.