Why does everybody love Male_07?

The one who was John Freeman in Half Life 2: Full Life Consequences.

Because everyone else looks ugly. He’s the coolest looking. :c00l:

He was also Gordon Frohman in the much better Concerned I think. Thats why I love him.

becuase he was the only survivor of the monkey invasion i dunno?


Yeah good point. Everyone else looks either old or like they’re made of porridge.

He’s high resolution compared to the others

www.hlcomic.com I suppose.

:v: give this man a cookie.

Thanks for the link, I might read that.

Go away you minges. You guys never spell and always congratulate eachother when being stupid. :argh:

Yeah! Spelling and grammar FTW!

Who else remembers when they were 14?

Hell yeah! Spelling + grammar = Awesome :D.
On-topic: Yeah great link, some of the comics are awesome

Oh I hope that you spelled congratulate wrong on purpose there…

Yeah, He’s the youngest looking of them all.
Then again, Mike isn’t the only one thats popular now.
(Mike is the name of male_07’s facemap)

Ted (male_02) is being used a bit.
Eric (male_04) is being used by one of the posers in the sceenshot section.
Erdim (male_09) is starting to be used alot now.

All of them are young looking but I’m sre that we all use Mike because of…

  1. Garry’s mod startup screen
  2. Gordon Frohman
  3. John Freeman
  4. Young looking

09 looks good too


because male_07 has penis_07 attached to his body.

Lol /


Simply, he actually looks like a decent man.