Why does everybody love Male_07?

Because i like John Freeman

I like the Rebel Male_09 (or is it 19?) I use that playermodel alot, the guy is a cool rebel. :3

I was gonna say something about that, but I didn’t want to sound like a Spelling Nazi…

I use…

Male04 or 06?

The bald one.

he reminds me myself

I has a hat (:

Ahhh but there’s Spelling Nazis and then there’s people who just love irony :smiley:

Actuly he was Gordan Frohman not john

Because he’s sexy.


exactly (:

Ahem, Male_03 is the best

(He’s Black)

Cuz he’s :c00l:


Because he’s high on ecstasy?

Its probably BECAUSE he was:

People like to think that everything posted by Djy was made by him and is obviously approved by Al Gore himself. Pisses me off.

I just thought he was the best looking of the player models, everyone else just looks old.

Well because he’s damn sexy!!

It’s a typo, at least I attempted to spell everything right. i dimt typ liek ths. I’ll fix it lol. That’s very embarassing.

Well soooo-reeee I’ve only just started watching GMod movies and comics. And, for the record, I don’t really like Djy1991, but Full Life Consequences made me laugh.

No, I’m talking about Half Life: Full Life Consequences, a movie made by Djy1991, based on a badly written fanfiction by squirrelking. You’re thinking of Gordon Frohman, from Concerned.

p.s. Way to get your avatar from Googling GMod.

Because there aren’t many Asian people on FP, or girls, or black people.