Why does everybody love Male_07?

Irony Gestapo.

So, about 90% of people on FP are skinhead unshaven guys, typing furiously on their keyboards, trying to fit that last emote in?

I think its because hes a heck of alot younger than all the other models and lets face it were probably all closest to his age range, so we pick him.

Gordon Frohman. One of the best comics ever.

Yes,is cool

Its because he has hair and eyebrows, and he has a face,ears and a nose. He might have a torso. From what I heard he doesn’t. He could be part of the NAACP, but then again. We’ll never know. He may be a male, or female. Then again she can’t get social security. He might have toes. Though they lay out of sight.

Just kidding. He has all of the above


Aha, pwnt.

Changing the subject. Chrisaster

People need to QQ less and Pew pew Moar.

The second best male is Henry Freeman! Haha. :v:

Because he’s my avatar.


I think he’s sexy.


So do the other 10 people who said that.

Because he dreams about cheese (sometimes)

Tbh, i dont think it has much too do with Half Life: Full Life Consequences or any other of the movies, if it was so, then why wouldnt people be using the character from War Of the Servers? i just think they look at them and think, hey, this guy looks like a retard, ill use him as my model.

because he looks like a cuter version of gordon freeman.


DYJ1991’s Movies>War of the servers.


This guy IS his own study group. Stupid troll.

He just has the cool likable personality to him, hes a great model. Like Gman Grigori, Breen, alyx all of these have specific great personalitys that bring a sort of technologic life to the game! Valve does stuff with great thought. Even in the unnoticeable stuff.