Why does everyone do anything to get a key?

It’s bizarre to see people going depressed because they can’t have a key, go outside, take a biking ride, eat some food, play other games, do whatever! Or wait for the game to go public.

Rust isn’t even that good anyway.

rust is actually pretty shit

^^2 above me, I can’t actually play the game, but I strongly disagree. If you don’t want to play it, give me your account?

It’s Unity. Of course it’s shit.

Go away, we don’t want your kind around here.

Go play your Jeff the Killer.

It’s not that, its that the community is shit. You can’t do anything without getting KOS’d. Now I know this is a survival game and not some minecraft shit where the only threat are mobs, but its just retarded when some probably 10 year old KOS’s you for no absolute reason when you just got a shit ton of wood and metal.

are you mad? it’s life or death here! i’ve been on hunger strike for 2 days so far until i get a key.

forgot to tell anyone though until now

You are going to starve, have fun.

You have said that the last two friends I have looked at.

Nobody wants people with a bad attitude, so why not knock it off?

well he’s right we really don’t like you guys

How about you july under10post guys stop spamming the forums “pls gib key gary no liek me :(”

Rust is not a well put together game. It’s a poorly scripted shitty survival game that TheWarZ so far is currently better than.

Get over it, stop going so apeshit for keys. Facepunch Studios has let you down.

I don’t spam the forums with asking for keys. I have under 10 posts, like you at one point. Just because people are new on the forums doesn’t make them any ‘worse’ than yourself. I would rather be this - than somebody with a pathetic attitude and anger through the internet.

i think it’s pretty pathetic that you guys can’t deal with not being able to play a badly made survival game

Its not that the game is shit. Its that the game isn’t done so stop taking it for what it is now since it will change.

But it is shit.

And it honestly doesn’t look to be anything impressive or new. It’s another lame survival game that isn’t even fun or interesting in any sense of both words. It probably never will be fun or interesting.

a lot of people would

I do want a key, but I will be patient.