Why does FP not have a GMod server?

Why does this forum not hold a server for the game upon which it is built? Doesn’t anyone think it’s odd that we have TF2 and L4D servers, but no GMod servers?

it does.

No one likes it.

There’s the Fretta server.

Not a bad idea though.

It would get troll raped

I Highly AGREE with the post above^

its shit

It has the fretta server, but that’s always full of retards.

It has no admins.

FP is the Garry’s Mod forums, not a gaming community.

That’s like asking the Valve forums why they don’t host TF2 servers.

It’s up to people themselves to host the servers, if Valve or Garry hosted a lot of servers they would surely be the most trolled and most popular in the game.


Garry does host the Fretta server though…

the fretta servers ip is game1.facepunch.com im pretty sure he hosts it