Why does garrysmod crash?

i launch garrys mod to a darkrp server an just as it shows me the motd when server starts, the game crashes. why?

Edit: i dont have a mac. my computer runs very well on every game i play. ive defragmentated the files already

Are you on a mac? I’ve found some bugged models that will crash OSX.

because your computer is a pile !!!

System Specs, any Addons installed, and any error that may of been displayed (should of been included in the original post).

i dont know the specifics but its weird. and i dont have a mac. also my computer is very good ive been able to play any game so far with graphics better than an xbox. the crash is random. sometimes it wont crash and sometimes it will.

Try removing all your addons and giving it a try. Sometimes an addon can conflict.

Use Speccy (www.piriform.com/speccy) to get your system specs.

Or a simple dxdiag would suffice.