Why does garrysmod.org always ask me to verify my account?

Hello, you may not know me; I’m new LOL

Anyways, ever since this verification change on garrysmod.org happened, I’ve been forced to verify my account every time I log into the site! It’s really annoying and I’m wondering if someone else has the same problem or has a solution :S


I have this problem, however I just keep my code in my profile for convenience, that’s my workaround.

A little tip, many stuck-up people on this forum frown upon the use of “LOL” and “:S” But it’s nice to see someone new who can spell.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Aw you resolved it already? I wanted to say “I think it wants you to verify your profile.” xD

LOL I didn’t resolve it yet :stuck_out_tongue:

It wants you to do that to make sure you don’t have a pirated copy of gmod, just follow the steps and soon you will be able to download addons.

**** garrysmod.org, i use fpsbanana and other sites but i cant check my uploaded files on garrysmod.org :frowning: