Why does GMod run like shit?

I’ve got a GTX 260, 2.4 GHZ Quad Core, 4 GB RAM.

What the Hell? I opened up some HL2 maps in GMod for the first time in a long ass time and was greeted to like 20 - 30 FPS. What the shit?

Drivers up to date?

20 - 30 FPS sounds good to me.

No way.
Even at max it should easily do 150 fps in hl2 maps.


I get about 15 on average and it’s always seemed fine to me.

I get an average of 180 fps on a little better build with max and 1680x1050

Just because it’s 2.4 ghz, and just because it’s quad core, doesn’t mean it’s good.

I could get that if I didn’t use my super high graphics config that won’t load construct.

Holy shit!How the fuck did you get youre fps so high,ON MAX SETTING IN HL2 MAPS!
EDIT:how do I show my fps in game cause idk what im ever getting.

cl_showfps 1, and to turn it off, cl_showfps 0.

And it’s probably the garbage making you lag. How many addons do you have?

A GTX 260 and 2.4 GHZ is more than enough to run this game. And I should be getting around 130-140 FPS ._.

Not in Garry’s Mod you shouldn’t. There is so vast of a difference between playing hl2 maps, and playing them IN Garry’s mod. If your game used to run well and now it doesn’t, you should ask yourself what the problem is. Garry’s aspiration isn’t to slow down everybody’s computer I can promise you that much.

P.S. Integrated graphics are capable of running the game (for the most part), but it doesn’t mean the game runs well. You say you are supposed to be getting 130-140 fps in Garry’s Mod, but there is no “set” framerate. You don’t buy a card that says “You are supposed to get ### fps in ******” It just doesn’t work that way. It looks to me that the fps you are supposed to be getting is 20-30. Garry’s mod <> (is not equal to) Half-Life 2

I’m running dual GTX 280’s and a i7 920 processor OC’d to just over 3.5 ghz, and i have another computer with Dual Radeon HD4870 cards and a AMD Phenom II 64 X4 OC’d to about 4.3 ghz and I can tell you, when I get triple digit fps rates, they don’t last for long.

Source engine cannot use multiple cores last I checked. With that being the case, a 2.4GHz quad might as well be a 2.4GHz single, causing slowdown.

I don’t think a quad core is good for gaming these days. I’ve noticed alot of them are pretty much only good for compiling stuff. Other than that I get about averages 150 fps like the others :I

I said this is on a HL2 map. Learn to read.

You said you played a HL2 map IN Garry’s Mod. Learn to interpret.