Why does my Playermodel look like this?

So yeah pretty self explanatory, pretty sure it is a issue with the bones but they are all named correctly as the animations are working.
So does anybody know why model looks like this?



Show a picture of the skeleton.




I took the mixamo auto rig for ragdolls and simply renamed the bones, but I had a similar issue when I tried to to use a standart valve skeleton and rerig it. This was easier since the weight painting was already done

I tried to rotate the bones as the standart ones seemed to all be in a 90 degree angle, but that didn’t help, could it relate to how I am exporting it? like which axis is considered up?

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Okay I believe its the angles of the bones themselves because valve has weird ass angles on the bones. I tried imidating the ones on the standart valve skeleton but that ended with a similar result. anyone have a idea on what I angle they should be in?

it probably has less to do with the angles and more with the fact that you need to set up the bone pivot rotations instead. that’s probably what’s actually fucking it up.

bone pivot rotations?