Why does my rust Crash on loading trees every time? Ideas?

Hey guys so i want to play rust everything goes good untill i see loading trees will load half way then it will crash i have know idea what is calling this but if any one could help i would very much appreciate it :slight_smile:

It is because the game is running out of memory to use (RAM). This is just an assumption: you’re using a computer with a 32 bit OS with 4 gigabytes of RAM.
I posted on a different topic about this, it’s just a guess but to me it makes sense.

The latest patch broke something that causes you to need 2 gigs of RAM to actually run the game. Like the “out of memory” crash from minecraft, it tells you that you need to assign more RAM to prevent it from happening.
Sadly enough, when using a 32 bit OS, you can not assign more RAM and thus keep running into the crash.

The only thing you can do is wait for another patch to fix this problem… Me and a lot of other people will be waiting with you :smile: