"Why does no one care about you?' - A girl is fondling on a dog during rainy night.

Sometimes, it just need some warm place. :slight_smile:


Here is an origin: http://img207.imageshack.us/i/bewithyouorigin.jpg/

It’s 2 hours work, may not be good. I did it to express my inside feeling.
I’m glad to see your comment. :]


Thank you =)

amazig agen

lol , no any umbrella in the original pic …
nice …now you need to add light on umbrella

This reflection…And where are dog’s legs?

Looks ok, the rain is a bit akward and dog looks like it’s in the air.

The other side of it’s body?

I copied upper part to make reflection.
Dog lie aside. I may not look good, because I cant make it sits over the floor. Sorry about that.

Fondling is … um… poor choice of wording in this day and age.

Yeah, I’m not good at English. =[

Haha no worries, it’s just, although fondling means “to stroke or caress lovingly” it has an association with eroticism and foreplay :v:

Use this.

Also, the reflection should start with the bottom of it touching the bottom of what it’s reflecting.

Well it might be foreplay with the dog, ya never know :ohdear:

Yeah, fondling implies something completely different.

That being said, the picture is way different from what I expected, and in a good way.

And the dog fondler strikes again. The victim never even stood a chance.

The dog is hovering, but otherwise this is a very good picture. If you do it again, all I’d change is the placement of the dog so he isn’t in the air.

Thanks for advice.

The colors seem a little too saturated and a tad bright and I laughed at “fondling a dog”, but it is a very nice concept.