Why does no one play Eu servers?

why does barely anyone play on the eu servers? So many people play on the US server having up to almost 100 people on at a time causing major lag and stuttering, when there is only under 30 people on the eu servers. Tell me what you guys think.


well, at daytime in europe there are more ppl on the EU servers, keep in mind its 2:19am in UK right now, and as u move across from here u add another hour and another, so yea, ofc most EU ppl aint active atm. i do know some EU play on us servers and other way round.

that makes sense.its also really annoying when there is a bunch of french kids running around that barely know english just shooting everything that moves unwilling to communicate. (on the US servers).

thats the same on all servers i think

I don’t speak very well english but try to be understandable and not pollue this forum and on the game
i play often later in the night and i play on this one because my house is on a bad place compare to my house on 2nd EU so i keep her.

Im not tring to hate on the french if you think thats what im getting at.I just find it annoying when the younger side (9-11ish) run around yelling who knows what and shooting every one.

Wow sorry for the Disagree x 1 (list) i don’t want to click on those things i’m serious really trust me.
And i’m not take your message for me cause i’m not this kind of gamer and when i listen or read my friends (and me i think) talk with english i’m am REALLY AFRAID…sound like autism talking. Sorry for all the french guy but we do some effort to talk another language.

EDIT : i think couldn’t change this Disagree x 1 (list) but it’s fix

I understand how hard it is to talk another language. i talking spanish :words:

Thx and congrat. I have spain at 1 hour, my mother born in this country i’m very familiar but i’m not talking spanish, more easy english i’m repeating but congrats again

oops i ment to say im taking spanish in school.

People don’t cause lag, their buildings do… When you are playing on US it is probably like 1-5 am in Europe. That is why.

A lot of larger European groups (the French ones, especially) decided to migrate to US servers after being the main target of all raiding efforts on the servers. After this the player counts on EU1 and 2 dropped significantly.

Once again the US have become a safe-haven for pursued minorities. History repeats itself.

The reason the EU servers don’t have many players is because the Devs of this game don’t give a shit about those servers, every day there is another problem.

the “devs”

no, that’s because garry refused to give them access to the EU servers.

Nobody plays on the EU server because it’s not stable.

Why would he do that?

Nobody plays cuz they are constantly down. They come back up and you continue doing whatever your doing, storing stuff etc. then the server crashes and you lose everythink.

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