Why Does No-one Role-Play

Even the servers that say RP don’t do it, they get Spammed by Cod-playing KoSing Twelvies.is there any dedicated RP server? Preferbly Austrailian.

Well from experience, some asshole will just come up and shoot you, just to be annoying.

In a game where 99.999% are 12yo CoD kids? good luck!

Because it’s a bit lame and cringeworthy for a lot of people.

Sorry… just speaking my mind.

So shooting people in a game where you have a decent number of weapons makes you a “cod twelvie” or is this simply not your type of game ?
There will definitely be servers like that in the future when they will be more customizable but atm it’s mostly PvP and a bit of PvE, people simply get bored fast of RP or don’t like it from the start . If you don’t like the game atm just quit, come back in a few months and see how the game developed , try it , see if you like it, if you don’t come back later (I myself stopped after 890h and now I’m waiting for the new patch to see if I will enjoy it)

I have not found one roleplay server where people actually roleplayed either. The few attempts always result in randoms logging in and blasting the f**k out of everyone as soon as they get their hands on a weapon.Too many peopel treat Rust as a battlefied type game unfortunately. My personal hope is that the devs find a way to make the pve side of things much more interesting otherwise it’s always going to be like this.

its hard to roleplay with rust’s nature, try DayZ

A reason why people don’t do it OP, is because in the time it takes you to RP out an action in detail gives someone more than enough time to run up to you, load a shell in their shotgun, and blast you in the back of the head. Rust is a very competitive game, don’t expect people to RP.

  1. A lot of players in Rust are inmature and want to kill everybody.
  2. You need to find roleplay server with password.
    Good luck.

Once you get in 200+ hours of rust you begin to get bored… in the beginning you helped out everyone, but now that is boring as hell. All thats left is to be a immature pickaxe wielding madman, not really… but its about the most entertaining thing left. :wink:
But really, until the experimental is done, this is all you can hope for i suppose

I think it’s because Rust is a very ‘competitive’ game, unlike, for example, GMod, which is a sandbox. Also, it’s currently super popular due to you tubers and such so of course there will be trolls and such.

Maybe they’re role-playing a mass murderer? :slight_smile:

I want to make a real RP server with random a OOC KOS rule in place

Join a wow server then

It is Role Playing … some people are stupid in real life too.

In its current state it just isn’t worth doing? Besides, how do you know that they guy who capped you when you were RP’ing as a cave man wasn’t RP’ing a time traveling psycho with “future” weapons?

In early rust the role play was real. Nobody wanted to die and everyone was running scared through the pitch black night. Then it became more of an arcade game with the bugs, exploits, hacks etc… People are bored playing legacy running through doing the same things they’ve been doing for hundreds of hours.

We’ll see this type of thing pop back up when the new version comes out I hope

Most of the people who role play are broke.