Why does people start as "Teh Owner" in my server?

I got some problems wiith my server and its the only problem!
it is running Dark RP but it seems to me that Dark rp and Ass mod cant run together
and if they can plz help cuz i want this server in TIP TOP condition!

If you know what I’m saying! :w2byob: xD

The problems is that when you join the server you join with the job “Teh Owner” and thats a big bug for me
the other problem is when i (for an example) buy a door… then in the chat its like i write… “Jack Smith: .” < like that!
and thats with all of the players!

Delete Ass mod if you haven’t and download the official. That fixed it for some other person.

How old are you OP?

My guess is 12

What have you been smoking?

Probably he read OP’s account name?

TEAM_CITIZEN must be the first team in your shared.lua file. Move TEAM_TEHOWNER or whatever it’s named to the bottom of the shared.lua file.

As for the other “issue” you are having, it is the RPName feature. You can disable it, but it promotes better roleplay by removing some metagaming aspects. You can change your RP name using “/rpname Your Name”.


I’d guess younger.