Why does perp cost money?

Is there any way of getting perp for free?

There are several ways , Thought lets just say it’s not encouraged by facepunch. So I shall leave out the name of the website.


Because community owners are fucking stupid and would rather get robbed with a 200 dollar pricetag than support free alternatives.

There are free alternatives?

There are always “free” alternatives.

Tiramisu is free, that’s okay to do things if you know how to code your own schemas.

You can EASILY get Openaura/Clockwork/PERP for free. There’s a bunch of options.

Don’t pay for a gamemode… honestly. Especially one that is old, breaking, and has no support.

PERP doesn’t cost money, but it is a private gamemode which was illegally stolen and sold.

It costs money because PERP’s dont grow on trees.

It costs money, because you can’t officially buy it anymore… So kids download the one off DramaUnlimited the fix it then sell it for $10-15 each. Don’t buy it… DU has a fixed version. No backdoors from what I’ve seen.

Drama Unlimited isn’t soo bad in my opinion. Worst part of the whole stuff is part where you need to figure out how to install stuff that you downloaded from drama unlimited :v:

I like how you said that kids download the fixed version and fix it then. >.>

You were never able to officially buy it.