Why does rust keep closing?

Some people are saying people are getting banned.
I havn’t even been on sense last night.
Am I banned? …

Link your steam profile.

Too what?

…? I didn’t think that was hard to understand.

Post a link to your steam profile on here.

Does your Steam profile have a new VAC ban listed on it?

If so, :v:

However, VAC does not cause Rust to crash, so that is not a sign of being banned.

start the game and hit F1, check the console for error, you can even drop a logfile to check for errors -.-

I think thats it

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No, I can’t it actually wont even get to the point of starting screen
Like the grey screen when you just open it it wont go past that

Post your system specs, and that has nothing to do with VAC, that problem.

I’ve been able to play before, So I don’t really think it has to do with my spec, but iof you must know It’s complete garbage,
I play on the lowest and set my computer to turbo mode and still get some lag

Anyway, you don’t seem to be banned. As others have said check the logs and console. You should also check your windows error logs.

That info doesn’t help me. Post your actual specs, please.

intel® core™ i7-2006 CPU @ 3.40GHz (8CPUs)

I think thats what you need, not 100% sure

I was having the same issue recently, but it would eventually load after a long time. Now I am having hard locks when I’m actually in a server after about 2 minutes.

Ram, video card model, as well, please.

Ram: 8GB
Video card: AMD 6450