Why does rustafied get to take advantage of VIP slots?

This kind of bothers me why can’t all server owners take advantage of VIP slots, right now there are vanilla servers that have no choice but to implement resource packs as an incentive for players to donate and help cover costs.

Allowing rustafied servers to be able to have VIP undermines all the hard work that other server owners are putting in providing a community within the rust community itself. Bugs doesn’t even put that much effort into his fansite for rust he basically just copies all the shit you guys put out and most of the information on his site is outdated and inaccurate.

I don’t currently own a server but have done in the past and this is really bugging me.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t know much about how the queue system works since I haven’t played in a while but my immediate assumption would be that they have come up with a clever way to manipulate it by reading/tampering with packets or something, rather than being given special treatment.

That being said I do recall Bugs stating that he was going to try and talk to Garry about being able to charge for reserved slots, would be kinda sad to hear that the privilege was given to one set of servers only, when there are plenty of vanilla communities out there that struggle to live on donations due to not being able to offer anything non-gamebreaking in return.

Any server owner can use VIP slots using the oxide mod. You can still be a vanilla server but instead you will appear in the modded server section. This is what Rustafied has done. I do however wish the developers would add this feature for all server owners without us having to install oxide.

I think the OPs issue is, they are not in the modded server list, and are still publicly listed under the official servers list despite them now having a modded server? I dunno.

Any mod will send you from community to modded servers. I think he is saying rustafied should not deserve special treatment than any other community server. If they are using a mod, they should be removed from the official server list and placed in the modded servers section, like the rest of the servers who use ANY mod.

Battle Royale servers are modded too … Just sayin’

If I remember correctly Rustified was given official status because of the work Bugs was doing on his Rust website and in game testing. I was on the Rustified team for a short time.

but aren’t they all owned/operated by facepunch and not a community?

Rustafied and Battle Royale servers are community servers promoted to the official tab. Hand-picked by the devs, there is no application form.

Im confused how that “handpicking” process works.

The devs like them.

It’s pretty simple, impress Face Punch by taking the time to create a great mod like the Battle Royale mod or in the case of Rustified, start website all about Rust or maybe even a game model. Going above and beyond what’s necessary in doing things for the Rust community can generally be the reason you’re handpicked.

The main reason Battle Royale was promoted to an official ranking is because of the amazing mod Intoxicated made. With that said why should Rustafied be removed because they’ve simply added VIP slots, that makes no sense. Rustafied was promoted to official ranking because of bugs’ dedication to update streams and his website which is based solely on the development of rust, not because he simply owned a popular vanilla server.

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