Why does the driver hate all his teammates? + Bonus

Lolzrofl old joke is old.

If you can’t clearly see, the medic is holding PEELZ.


  • Bonux, one of the very first pics i ever took, i know the quality is awful, but i didn’t use any AA at that moment.


C&C Or your mother is a hamstah

(Yes i know all my pictures are dark, that’s because i’m a EMO , lololololol)

Link to the Driver? :toughguy:

Edit: Found it.

that’s not nice

but I lol’d

:3 Objective accomplished!

You dare make fun of my mother in a Monty Python way!?
I’d give C&C but the picture’s taking years to show up…

Reuploaded as JPG.

Lol that’s pretty funny.
But the second one seems pretty empty.

I agree.
The lightning looks wierd too.

Where do you get the driver?

Nevermind lol.

I think the burning is a little excessive.

I didn’t even use it, lulz.

Well whatever you did to make all the shadows dark, cavernous pits; I think it’s a little excessive.

Because i’m a emo, and in my world, everything is DARK

Well than stop being emo

I was just kidding.

Sorry for the bump anyway.

Spy about to kill Pyro.

I think I’m missing the point of this picture a bit…

At first I thought there was a drinkout between Demo and Heavy. Also, why is the Pyro up there alone?

The posing and the other essentials are all well. Looks good.

The Heavy’s eyes’ region is a bit overposed, though.

Driver cant drink through helmet… Pyro the same