Why does the server browser still suck?

You still can’t add favorites, filter servers or blacklist servers from the default server browser. You have to go to the legacy browser to achieve this functionality. Very frustrating, I figured the functionality would have been implemented by now.

are you seriously implying facepunch will ever do anything to fix garry’s mod, if so your in for a massive disappointment

As long as RP gamemodes work, why should GMod receive any fixes anyway, right?

If you hate it so much why don’t you make your own? There’s an entire lua state for you to work with, go nuts.

If you think it’s so bad than fix it for yourself.

That’s not how server browsers work (and re-installing Garry’s mod won’t help either)

that’s exactly how it works though

Thought it was hard locked from editing, my bad

I’ve tried remaking the server browser in pure lua and even as a website, but neither really caught on

Why would you even think that reinstalling Garry’s Mod would do anything? How much research did you do prior to making that post? Please don’t waste other people’s time with your annoying and completely unnecessary comments.

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Why do you think that anybody would want to go to a website to go into a game of Garry’s Mod.


It was a joke about your helpful replies at the Help and Support subforum

Fr though, I hope that someone can make a better browser

I don’t think it’s bad, I think it lacks functionality. It’s bad when the legacy browser has more features than the new one.

A new server browser will most likely never catch on since the common GMod player doesn’t care about how the game looks as long as DarkRP is the topmost displayed gamemode.

Garry said he wont change it. Which means we must circulate our own ones

Is this the latest? Because Based Willox was definitely up to something a few weeks ago but I’m not really sure about the extent of it.

I had started trying to build my own fix to the current browser before that but I figured he had the situation under control.

Garry hasn’t actually done any work on Garry’s Mod in a long time.

Yes but even though garry hasn’t done work on gmod for a while, doesn’t mean he can’t cockblock feature requests. Take the move to CEF. Willox was so close to getting that working, with the only flaw being 32-bit OS X users would be unable to use it. Everyone was hyped for this, and garry swooped in to say This ain’t gonna happen, much to everyone’s dismay.

I heard talk about him saying the same thing to changes to the server browser, something about “not wanting to confuse players”

All osx users, because gmod is a 32 bits application.

Also, Garry has said that he wouldn’t allow a revert to the legacy browser. _Kilburn said this somewhere. Nowhere AFAIK did Garry say that the current server browser must forever remain exactly the same as it is right now.

We just need someone who can not only make an awesome server, but is also able to market it. I.e. Get Garry and the rest of the bunch enthusiastic about it. It needs at least the following:

  • solve the problems with the be current browser (the DarkRP monopoly, that kind of shit). Know what the community likes and dislikes about what we have now. Getting the community enthusiastic is a big boost of the chance of acceptance.
  • good code, it’s going to be scrutinised. Bad code = no go. Also, no whacky shit (like that language that compiles to lua)
  • it has to be fast. Way faster than the current browser. The bad responsiveness in the current browser is low hanging fruit. Do it in Lua, enjoy amazing speeds and have a free good reason for them to accept your thing.
  • it has to look good. It might be an idea to replicate the current look. Maybe you can make a theme out of it for use in the rest of Gmod? Continuity in style again would be a good advertisement.