Why does this error occur?

Hey guys, I’ve been running a gmod server for quite a while now, it’s pretty nice to have your own gmod server actually. One thing bugs me though: Since i upgraded the server (Completely new computer) I’ve had less “No free edicts” errors, but now i have this weird error that I know has nothing to do with the source engine…
So, simple question, why does this error occur, and is there anything i can do to get rid of it? It’s really pissing me off.

Here’s the error message:

Thanks in advance

Well, in this case it’s a server, but it could only be on your side of things, just incase go to gmod’s launch options and put in
-dxlevel 80
I dont know if that is a full time fix but it will cause alot of graphical issues
Don’t worry, its normal, gmod is a shitstorm when it comes to handling memory

The error occurs on the server itself. The image is taken from the server’s screen…

Bumping this…It’s kind of annoying I cant leave the server for more than two days without having to worry about server crashes

No free edicts usually happens when you have too many props, but I’ve never seen this one before. Computer Specs?

Here are the specs, i know it’s not that good but an upgrade is comming soon :v:

May want to invest in more RAM, just a suggestion.

Well, after the most recent update ym server was crashing clients also. Waht i did yo fix it is i:

Deleted the LUA folder, Gamemodes folder, and the Bin folder.

Then i re-updated the server to replace the files and it no longer crashs clients

upgrade your ram, make sure your windows dot.net is up to date

out of date dot net causes this error sometimes in mangos wow server emulator and srcds too…

no free edicts is caused by bad lua files, some of your addons may have alot of trash code in them as I have found from alot of addons on garrysmod.org

nothing like working late into the night cleaning up an add-on so it doesn’t crash the server.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am trying what areolop said


Even though Clients dont crash that often