Why does this game look like it's been Crayola'd now?

After the update on Thursday the game looks kind of silly. It looked natural and realistic but now it looks like a 5 year old went over most things with a bunch of crayons.

I do understand the game is open to change being in alpha. I just wanted to say that I think it looks dreadful now compared to how it was. The bushes look toxic!

images for reference? because i don’t see any crayon on my rust;)

My pictures would be no different from yours. I have 2 decent, calibrated monitors and all other games look superb. So did Rust! Until this update.

It’s antialiasing. Also the lens dirt. Turning those off seems to reduce the effect.

I will try that RedJenny. Thanks for the reply.

Garry has made the colours more saturated just before the last update…

Taken from rustified.com

It’s a little too saturated IMO. It’s now looking a little on the cartoonish side.

AA is the culprit. I had it turned on and noticed a peculiar embossed feeling to the trees, similar to cell-shading.

yep it looks crap now. i have a GTX 960 SSC all settings on max and looks like a caricature and i have a 1080p samsung monitor LED.

and the performance sucks only use 40% usage.

Graphics definitely look worse after this recent patch, trees look horrible now :frowning: Stuff in the distance like rocks definitely look like art work.

Trees and bushes in particular was what I was thinking about. They do look out of place and garish.

i don’t like to new comic appearance too. hopefully this will be adapted…

Please don’t make it like the forest. I’m not hating, but that’s a different game and this is Rust.

It’s never going to be “real” so just pick a visual style. People will customise to their liking, just add options
and mechanics that don’t give unfair advantages to players wanting a sketch versus an oil painting (aside
from the obvious boost to frames-per-second output).

sometimes what works best is to crank it up till you think it looks good, then dial it back a bit to compensate for human nature (tendency to overdo whatever you are too focused on)