Why does Wood Gateway + Gate cost 520 Wood?

Honest question. Someone said to me right now the reason is obvious but I don’t know if he was trolling?

520 Wood is a 1x1 house and 140/380 wood for another 1x1.

Too expensive or am I missing something?

I have been wondering if they should decrease the cost of Spike Walls and Gates until they add more content to fill the gap with lack of base defense… thoughts?

Its a massive structure with a ton on health
it takes a bunch of c4 to take it down.
So its stronger then normal and must cost more.

What kind of defences would you like to see.


it takes 4 c4 so it should actually cost less

The worst part about it is that it can be destroyed by melee weapons. If it was c4 only it wouldn’t be a big deal.

took out one of them gates didnt take long with a hatchet…bout idk 2 times the hits of a door