Why doesn't rust use much of my cpu or gpu?

Depending on the area of the map i can get anywhere from 20 fps (if I’m in between two close monuments) to 160 fps. I’m looking at my cores(Intel Core i5-2550K) usuage, none of the individual cores go over 60%. My gpu (MSI GTX 970) runs at a steady 40%. Why isn’t rust using more resources? I have 16 gb of ram btw not that it matters too much for this.

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Rust has always been kinda flakey with resource dependence, especially with cpu, like only using one core on my 8 core 1.6 GHZ processor D: Also, it only uses 306 mb of vram on my 1 gbs gpu

Maybe it’s not optimized enough yet? Multithreading is really difficult to do well, especially in games.

Multithreading is the future for rust!

AFAIK Unity doens’t support multithreading yet

What was LOOM?

Virtualized Multithreading with UniExtender?

Look, I know multi-threading can be a pain in the ass but im just throwing some things out here, from one dev to another. Some people have found success using http://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Application.LoadLevelAdditiveAsync.html, maybe coroutines?

My guess is you have tried most if not all suggestions out there on how to try and get around it and are now stuck waiting for Unity to officially support it