Why Don`t GLaDOS Speak?

When I am on a Portal map on gmod why Don`t GLaDOS speak? PLease Comment if you know why!

Play Portal if you want to play Portal.

No i mean i need gmod and portal so i can make videos. Aloso i need GLados To speak.

If you want her to speak just record the audio from the actual game (alternatively get the audio file of her speaking) and sync it in with your video.

you need the choreo scenes (vcds) in your garrysmod/scenes folder.

I don’t even think Portal works properly on Garry’s Mod anymore
Portal never worked properly in gmod but ever since the Source Engine 18 update even less so :S

OK! Thank you!

Is it me, or is there more and more half assed questions?

Nah, its the same amount, they’re just getting locked slower. To the OP, use the playsound command in the console. Or you could use the sound browsing menu built into wiremod if you have it to more easily locate her sound files.

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Uhm, not to argue, but a “tilda” isn’t any sort of punctuation. A “tilde” is the “~” mark, or Shift+Apostraphe Quote(`) on any standard PC keyboard.

Just put the scenes of Portal into the GarrysMod Scenes folder…

We already pretty much finished discussion of this topic. We’ve discussed why the problem was occurring, and already what could be done to rectify the situation.

is no one else bothered by the grammar mistake in the title?